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Humberto discovered that he was contaminated with the HCV virus in 2010, when he was making preparations for a journey to South Africa, where he was going to watch the Soccer World Cup. As he intended to visit various African countries as part of his humanitarian work with children affected by cancer, he decided to get vaccinated.


The infectologist that treated him asked him to get some blood exams, including for Hepatitis C.


After taking the exam, to his surprise, he discovered he had Hepatitis C. As a consequence he had the Biopsy where he found he had Cirrhosis. It was established that he had been infected for many years, probably over thirty, without ever having had any symptoms.


Upon his return from Africa Humberto researched into everything about Hepatitis, principally C, to the point of becoming an "expert" on the theme. He inititiated a series of congresses in his country and abroad. Perplexed by the fact that he had never felt any symptoms, yet his liver was already severely affected and he was already with advanced Cirrhosis, Humberto found out that there were three million Brazilians infected without their being aware. Worldwide there are about half a billion people with Hepatitis B and C.

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